Solution Packs

Solution Packs = More Service, Less Hassle

  • SMAARTE Solution Packs deliver bundled service for a flat fee

  • Every Solution Pack includes our SMAARTE Start and a 30-minute consultation

SMAARTE Reserve Study Review

  • Thorough analysis of your most current reserve study

    • Over-time funding calculations

    • Component cross-check: useful life & costs

    • Statutory review: is your reserve study fully compliant?


SMAARTE Policies & Procedures

    • Want to add a new policy, procedure or resolution?

    • Need help with a document you already have?


SMAARTE Contracting

    • Know what to expect

    • Simplify your contracting process

SMAARTE Governing Docs Review

    • For Washington State condominiums

    • Review of your declaration, bylaws, rules, policies and resolutions

    • Summary report identifying opportunities to clarify, streamline and eliminate gaps


SMAARTE Independent Advisor

    • Practical engagement for community best practices

    • Board advisory services and common sense community content


SMAARTE Management Search

    • Supercharge your search with clarity and precision

    • Dozens of requirements distilled into one executive summary

SMAARTE Giving = Stronger Communities

We pledge to donate 5% of our annual net profit to community organizations in the neighborhoods and cities where our clients live and work.

The SMAARTE Guarantee

100% accountability means that we will happily refund related professional fees if our service fails to match our promise.

You always pay for what you get, but you don't always get what you pay for... SOLVED!