Your association is unique, and so is our approach.

We promise to thoroughly research your needs and goals and ensure we're transparent about our services and costs before every engagement. Our SMAARTE Start process reveals the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to build a foundation that helps your association succeed.

Less IS more.

Our sole focus on condominium associations and perspective managing from the inside out provides extraordinary execution, robust research and recommendations, and superlative service. We're pragmatic and proactive. All content, no filler. More process and technology equals less noise.

If your CIC feels stuck, we can help.

Many common interest communities feel stuck in a race to zero. Surveys have shown that homeowner volunteers provide an incredible amount of time, energy and resources, but also feel maxed out trying to manage the burden of running a business while also meeting a litany of legal requirements. The industry tells us to speak with our attorney, our community manager (CAM), reserve company, etc. When there's no resolution to the underlying challenges, many volunteer leaders simply move on, frustrated -OR- feel stuck and stay the course because it seems like there's no reasonable alternative.

The SMAARTE Group offers intentional, cost-effective solutions for condominium communities of 50 or more units. We guarantee to partner with you and know that our relationships will stand the test of time because the foundational concepts have been honed over thousands of hours of volunteer commitment in a community much like your own.





  • Are your financials stuck in 1999? Get SMAARTE!

  • All bookkeeping services are coordinated with amazing partners like Community Financials - Service Overview

  • Your association benefits from best practices and expertise that's only possible with dedicated bookkeeping services

SMAARTE Group Consulting & Project Management


  • Reserve study tune-ups

  • Market and product research

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Practical advice, second opinions, policies and procedures

  • Management company search and transition services


Solution Packs

  • Practical, affordable fixed fee solutions

  • Governing Documents Review

  • Reserve Study Review

  • Management Search

  • Independent Advisor

  • Contract Review

  • Policy Packs

SMAARTE Giving = Stronger Communities

We pledge to donate 5% of our annual net profit to community organizations in the neighborhoods and cities where our clients live and work.

The SMAARTE Guarantee

100% accountability means we guarantee you will always get what you pay for. We will happily refund related professional fees if our service fails to match our promise.