Restatements reimagined.  [rē-i-ˈma-jən]: to form a new conception of; to re-create

Are your association's declaration (CC&Rs) and bylaws a bust?  Have amendments and statutory changes left them in the dust?

We've reimagined amendments and restatements from A-Z!  Our question-oriented, compartmentalized approach leverages technology and integrates governance best practices to help homeowner volunteers navigate the restatement challenge efficiently and intuitively.  Get SMAARTE and make your restatement a reality!

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What will it take to restate your governing documents?!


Great restatements involve immense detail requiring hours of professional effort AND volunteer involvement.  Your goals and content considerations are a critical part of the adoption equation since amendments and restatements often require 67% homeowner approval.   Professional involvement cannot guarantee homeowner approval, but intentional preparation makes all the difference with a project involving ~40,000 words.

The SMAARTE approach to amending and restating your governing documents puts homeowners at the center from start to finish.  We help translate nearly inscrutable reams of run-on legal jargon into digestible chunks using plain language.  Our web-based review tool facilitates collaboration and the frictionless exchange of ideas and information.  Read our Restatement Overview.

We help (re)write the law.  The SMAARTE Group's founder is deeply involved working at the forefront with state legislators to guide statutory updates toward balancing reasonable homeowner needs and expectations with community association responsibilities.

⏲️Why NOW?

One thing is certain: community association law will continue to evolve.  SB5796 / ESSB5796 repeals and replaces RCW 64.32, 64.34 and 64.38 with 64.90 effective January 1, 2028 and the changes are immenseGiven the volume of work involved and the reasonable limits of volunteer capacity, communities should expect to spend at least 12 to 18 months from inception to adoption of a restatement.

RCW 64.90 (WUCIOA) allows associations to amend their governing documents to eliminate language that conflicts with the law without a supermajority vote, but there are dozens of important provisions that can only be adopted by the members.  Examples range from enforcement and dispute procedures to how expenses are recovered following a loss.

Adopting the provisions of WUCIOA is likely to be the most complex, costly and time-consuming governance project every Washington condo and HOA will face over the next few years.  Communities that have not transitioned on or before January 1, 2028 are at increased risk of disputes related to materially violating state law due to the inherent challenges of navigating outdated documents that do not reflect current requirements.  Even now, many communities are unaware of and/or non-compliant with statutory changes that became effective over the past six years.

In addition to state law, your declaration and bylaws are essential to the fabric of your community and provide the authority and framework for every policy, procedure and resolution and for the appropriate application of Board discretion.  If your association has no plan to update your documents before January 1, 2028, what is your plan to ensure governance and operations comply with state law?

Restatements from the SMAARTE Group deliver:


Governing Documents Restatement Overview

SMAARTE Group Governing Documents Restatement Overview.pdf

Washington State

Why should you care about WUCIOA (RCW 64.90)?!

SB5796 retrofits WUCIOA to ALL Washington State community associations effective January 1, 2028 (with limited exceptions).

RCW 64.90 / WUCIOA Information
RCW 64.90 / WUCIOA Information

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