Restatements reimagined.  [rē-i-ˈma-jən]: to form a new conception of; to re-create

Are your association's declaration (CC&Rs) and bylaws a bust?  Have amendments and statutory changes left them in the dust?

We've reimagined amendments and restatements from A-Z.  Our comprehensive project plan helps your association navigate the daunting restatement challenge efficiently and intuitively with technology and governance best practices from across the nation.  We also offer flat fee options to fit your association's budget and level of engagement.  Get SMAARTE and make your restatement a reality!

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Great restatements involve immense detail requiring hours of professional effort AND volunteer involvement.  Your goals and content changes are a critical part of the adoption equation since your community typically 51% to 75% of your homeowners has to approve amendments and restatements.   Professional involvement cannot guarantee approval, but intentional preparation goes a long way.  The SMAARTE approach to amending and restating your governing documents puts homeowners at the center from start to finish.  We help translate nearly inscrutable reams of run-on legal jargon into digestible chunks using plain language.  Our web-based review tool facilitates collaboration and the frictionless exchange of ideas and information.

Restatements from the SMAARTE Group deliver:


Governing Documents Restatement Overview

SMAARTE Group Governing Documents Restatement Overview.pdf

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We pledge to donate 5% of our annual net profit to community organizations in the neighborhoods and cities where our clients live and work.

The SMAARTE Guarantee

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