A Different Experience.  Intentionally!

The SMAARTE Group was founded to bridge the divide between homeowners, volunteer leaders and vendors.

Retaining a competent professional service allows homeowner volunteer Board members to focus on their career, friends, family and other pursuits.  Our experience living and volunteering in condominiums allows us to understand the challenges community association homeowners and volunteers face from the inside out.  We're motivated by doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Earning your business is about building trust by delivering on our promises and backing up all our work with a guarantee.

We are laser focused on delivering solutions based on our deep experience navigating the trials and tribulations of common interest homeownership and board member service.  In-kind experiential support is incredibly difficult to find in this industry dominated by businesses that are fundamentally not aligned with their customersThe difference is in quality and value is like Mars and Venus.

Your time is valuable and your community deserves a professional service partner that measures success and prioritizes your satisfaction through the lens of a homeowner volunteer walking in your shoes.  We understand the gauntlet of overwhelming requirements at your community which is why we literally guarantee to delight our customers.

We provide concierge service.  Inquire, schedule time to talk, or contact us to discover how we can help.

We're At the Forefront of Community Association Legislation

Community association law is less complicated than one might suspect, but more complicated than most homeowners and volunteers are prepared to tackle by themselves.  Our founder directly engages with legislators and coordinates legislative advocacy across the country and especially in Washington State to enact reforms that impact millions of homeowners.

Governance can be daunting!

Governance is daunting!  

Read this TLDR blog article for 

tips to stay safely afloat.

Steve Horvath

Steve Horvath

has been an active part of the Seattle condominium community for over a decade as a multi-term Board member and Committee volunteer, and is the founder of Condo Connection and co-founder of HOA United where he actively volunteers as both a local and national homeowner advocate.

The SMAARTE Group is the culmination of a fifteen year tenure in healthcare IT combined with a keen interest in common interest property ownership and thousands of community association volunteer service hours at the micro and macro levels.

SMAARTE Giving = Stronger Communities

We pledge to donate 5% of our annual net profit to community organizations in the neighborhoods and cities where our clients live and work.

The SMAARTE Guarantee

100% accountability means we guarantee you will always get what you pay for.  

We will happily refund related professional fees if our service fails to match our promise.