SMAARTER Pricing = Happier Customers

Has your current experience left you wondering why some things fall through the cracks or simply wanting more? SMAARTE Pricing reflects the amount of hours required to deliver the service you expect. In addition to dedicated engagement from our founder, management clients also receive dedicated bookkeeping that's completely portable. SMAARTE Pricing reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding service that exceeds your expectations.


  • SMAARTE Rate flat fee professional services agreement

    • Zero professional fees for notices, hearings, etc.

    • Transparent, pass-through costs for mail, printing, etc.

  • Flat rates available for select additional services

Consulting & Project Management

  • Free 20 minute consultation

  • Flat rate services for governance assistance

  • Short-term engagements (<20hrs): $185/hr

  • Long-term engagements: $160/hr

SMAARTE Giving = Stronger Communities

We pledge to donate 5% of our annual net profit to community organizations in the neighborhoods and cities where our clients live and work.

The SMAARTE Guarantee

100% accountability means that we will happily refund related professional fees if our service fails to match our promise.

You always pay for what you get, but you don't always get what you pay for... SOLVED!